JLG Scissor lift battery - BSLBATT Lithium Battery

Specifically tailored for work on construction sites, this new battery option is suitable for cold-weather performance and charging, maintains the runtime per charge that operators rely on to get the job done to maximize rental return on invested capital (ROI). For fleet owners, JLG slab scissor lifts equipped with our new lithium battery packs combine the advantages of significantly reducing the total cost of ownership and offering enhanced emissions-free Jobsite performance. By comparison to lead-acid batteries, in addition to requiring minimal maintenance, BSLBATT lithium-ion battery packs last up to four times longer, only needing to be replaced every seven or more years, which is equivalent to a typical machine’s initial rental lifetime.

Product specifications

Drop-in replacement for Lead Acid Batteries

Electrical specifications

  • Nominal capacity
  • Open circuit voltage
  • Self-discharge
    <3% per month
  • Cycle life
    >3000 (at 10C discharge, 100% DoD)
  • EqPb (Equals Lead acid battery)
  • Voltage

Mechanical specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • Weight
    37 kg / 81lbs
  • Case material
    Commercial Grade Steel
  • Ingress protection
  • Cell type / Chemistry
    Diamond - LiFePO4
  • Heating function

Charge & Discharge specifications

  • Remote monitoring
    4G communication
  • Charge voltage
    22.4V - 28.8V
  • Applicable models
  • Maximum continuous discharge current
  • Maximum pulse discharge current (120S long pulse)
  • AC internal resistance
  • Cycle life (25℃, 1C full discharge)
    6000 times (70% remaining)

Temperature specifications

  • Charge temperature
    0°C to 55°C / 32°F to 131°F
  • Discharge temperature
    -20°C to 55°C / -4°F to 131°F
  • Storage temperature
    0°C to 40°C / -4°F to 113°F

Compliance specifications

  • Certifications
    CE, UN 38.3, UL,IEC, CB, ISO9001
  • Shipping classification
    UN 3480

communication method

  • Vehicle communication mode
  • Display communication method
  • Fast and efficient charging to 100% capacity

  • Eco-friendly, lead-free design

  • Long life eliminates the need for battery replacement

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

  • Superior cold weather performance

  • Maintains charge when not in use



  • UL2580
  • IEC
  • ROHS
  • 18001
  • ISO
  • 388-CE
  • UN38.3

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