The Yale ERP55VM6F2170 forklift truck with BS lithium battery is used in a paper mill in Israel

A large Israeli paper mill is using a Yale ERP55VM6F2170 to retrofit new lithium batteries to feed the production line. The end of the line is served by eight Yale ERP55VM6F2170 forklifts, which have all recently switched from lead-acid powered electric trucks to BSL lithium batteries. There are 5500 KG capacity trucks equipped with 2267KG paper roll clamps and BSL lithium batteries with 2200KG installed. 8 Yale ERP55VM6F2170 forklifts do very heavy duty – 3 shifts per day, averaging 4,800 hours per year! This is well beyond any industry standard rental (approximately 1500-2000 hours per year). Powerful, durable BSLBATT lithium batteries are the best choice when you need to maximize uptime and safely handle paper and pulp products.

The Yale ERP45VM forklift with BS lithium batteries is used in a paper mill

A Taiwanese paper mill is retrofitting new lithium batteries with a Yale ERP45VM forklift. 4500KG. The Electric Buffer Tire Trucks are all 83.2V powered by a 1400Ah BSL Li-Ion batterySix trucks carry the rolls to the loading and unloading warehouse, where they are stacked in warehouses for distribution. There are also two trucks for excursions with rolls that need to be rewound. All 8 trucks run on one battery, which will last all day, with quick opportunity recharging sessions during breaks and lunches.

Linde forklift equipped with BS lithium battery

Working with customers in person has always been something we value. Here at BSLBATT's customer in Mexico, we helped the customer install eight new game-changing lithium-ion batteries. This is a great installation achievement and thus proves that BSLBATT lithium batteries are the perfect companion for Linde forklift trucks. With innovative features and benefits, the BSL lithium battery puts the power of nature at your fingertips! May the BSLBATT be with you, and may our BSL lithium battery be your trusted ally in powering your business.

50 units of BSLBATT Lithium-ion Forklifts Battery

Today, we are happy to see a big order of 50 units of BSLBATT Lithium-ion Forklifts Battery ready to ship to Europe. After local customers took samples from our European warehouse for testing and use, they were very satisfied. As a customer from Europe said, "For driving a forklift with BSL Battery, it is quiet, but it is powerful, smooth and very stable like an engine forklift", which is a perfect replacement for IC forklifts with high performance and low total cost of ownership. I believe this BSL lithium forklift battery will bring us more surprises. 

UniCarriers Pallet Jack 4,500 lbs Case Demo with BSL Lithium Batteries

Attention all clean energy enthusiasts!  The BSLBATT Aftersales headquarters team based in Huizhou, China travelled to BSL dealers in Thailand to provide BSL Thailand dealer teams with training on best practices for their new electric forklift to maximize battery performance and service life. It is our responsibility as experts and their BSLBATT Aftersales team to ensure that their teams have all the education they need to ensure that they maximize performance, increase productivity, reduce costs, increase business profitability and ultimately validate investments. The team is very accepting and excited about the new unit. Success! Join us to experience the power of innovation firsthand! We call it shared autonomy.