Lithium-Ion Battery project increases productivity at ***

Beginning in September of 2016 partnering with BSLBATT, *** began exploring the use of lithium-ion batteries for forklifts through CTMA projects specifically at *** Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, and San Joaquin, California warehouse depots. DDSP tested the 36-volt lithium-ion batteries in some of their electric/lead-acid battery forklifts, and DDJC tested the 48-volt lithium-ion batteries in electric forklifts replacing their gas engine/propane forklifts.

Is a Lithium Ion Forklift Battery Worth the Extra Expense?

Multi-shift applications such as 3PL, manufacturing and food processing) and any other 24/7 material handling operations benefit most from switching to lithium-ion.  For this type of operation, li-ion batteries can pay for themselves within a few years.

Electric Thrives In Airport Environments

Electric ground support equipment, such as baggage trucks, thrive in airport environments. That’s because the way this equipment is powered increases the efficiency of their movements. 

The good news is, the move to electric airport baggage trucks, as well as other essential ground support equipment, means more efficiency. Combined with lithium-ion batteries as the power source, electric GSE offers a solution that benefits the airline industry, passengers and the environment.

How A Major Equipment Manufacturer Will Save Over $1 Million By Switching To Lithium-Ion

Newer "zero maintenance" long-life batteries based on energy storage chemistries such as lithium are now becoming available, which are more suited for high-intensity warehouse duty cycles and cold-temperature warehouse applications. These batteries can also be rapidly charged during traditional 15-minute breaks or 30-minute lunch breaks, alleviating the need for battery change-outs and associated driver downtime during the day.

Increases Efficiency with Lithium-ion Powered Lift Equipment

Operations, where forklifts operate in cold environments, can also quickly benefit from switching to lithium-ion. lithium-ion forklift batteries can be fast-charged in cold temperatures (even inside freezers) and maintain their capacity in cold temps better than their lead-acid counterparts.