It's time for an Ambassador Spotlight!

We are pleased to deliver a set of two of our new BSLBATT® Lithium Batteries to a valued new Cat® Lift Trucks customer! With advanced battery technology, you'll experience higher energy output in a compact design for longer battery life. Trust Cat® Lift Trucks to keep your operation running smoothly! 

Another successful Heli CPD18 forklift case from BSL Battery in the Southeast Asia!

Haley, Director of Marketing at BSL, said: "With BSL's latest lithium-ion technology, our customers' lithium electric forklifts achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings in the long term, resulting in reduced on-site emissions and total cost of ownership. BSLBATT® industrial lithium-ion battery packs were designed as a plug-and-play option for electric commercial and industrial vehicles currently using lead-acid batteries. By switching to BSLBATT® lithium, your forklift will gain more power and have less weight with increased operational hours. Your forklift will also have increased charging speed, zero maintenance, and no “cool down” period before recharging. If you're looking for a reliable and productive solution for your material handling needs, please reach out for more information! Make the Switch Today! 

Another BSLBATT success story!

Another successful Lithium park and charge installation completed this past weekend. All batteries installed and displays mounted as well as uprights, crossbeams and chargers installed.

Many thanks to the Eternity Technologies South Africa installation team (Trevor, Simphiwe and Cole), BSLBATT exclusive distributor in South Africa. You guys have done a fantastic job. So super proud of all of you.

For all your lithium needs for any type of electric material handling equipment, please contact Eternity Technologies South Africa can assist and provide professional solutions.Let us power up your organization today! #southafrican

BSL Battery and Montacargas AYRISA

This is the second lithium battery for our customer in Montacargas AYRISA , #Mexico, and is slowly but surely replacing all of their lead acid batteries with lithium iron phosphate.

Below is the new 51.2V 820AH LFP built into an ERCO50 #Yale forklift.

Customers are very happy with the run time and charging speed.

Now high season is a dream for them!

BSL Battery and Eternity Technologies South Africa

Today, BSL Battery in Huizhou, China, in cooperation with Eternity Technologies in South Africa, launched the first Toyota air tow tractor equipped with BSL lithium batteries, which can easily meet any challenge in a new way. This innovative technology has been engineered into proven Toyota tractors to deliver the same uncompromised 60,000 lbs towing capacity while delivering zero vehicle emissions for improved sustainability, reduced maintenance for greater labor efficiency, and greater Save costs and increase safety benefits. And the customer said that in a typical ground support application, investing in a lithium-ion Toyota air tow tractor equipped with a BSL lithium battery only takes 12 months to pay for itself. At the same time, the electricity required to charge lithium-ion batteries is up to six times more cost-effective than natural gas or LPG fuel. With all these advantages, it's easy to see why lithium batteries are the perfect choice for powering your fleet of air tow tractors.