BSLBATT expands integrated lithium-ion power to heavy-duty forklift segment

As a leading full China Lithium-Ion battery provider, BSLBATT® heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries are used by many fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Yale-Hyster, Linde, Taylor, Kalmar, Lift-Force and Raniero. Heavy-Duty lithium-ion batteries guarantee operations without disruption for the most demanding applications dealing with heavy loads (the beverage distribution, paper, lumber, and metal industries), high lift heights (very narrow aisle applications), massive attachments (paper roll clamps, push-pull, single-double).

Lithium Batteries for the Most Demanding Applications

● Exceptional performance and visibility enable operators to use equipment just as they would traditional diesel-powered trucks ● Convenient opportunity charging and capacity for over 275 kWh of on-board energy storage for extended run-time between charges ● Fast charging speed requires as little as 11 minutes of plug-in time for up to an hour’s worth of truck use ● No need to maintain, swap out batteries or designate valuable operational space to do so ● Emission-free operation helps businesses achieve sustainability targets, take advantage of financial incentives and comply with regulations

Tomorrow’s technology, already safe and cost-effective today!

BSLBATT high-voltage Lithium-Ion Power System designed for optimizing performance on primarily any style of heavy duty Class I forklift equipment, including 3-wheel and 4-wheel large capacity sitdown forklifts. This plug and play battery solution has multiple capacity options for any kind of application with a 6 to 12 year lifespan.

Low energy costs with high energy availability

For heavy duty applications you need a heavy duty lithium battery. With BSLBATT’s modular system we have some of the strongest batteries available for your machines. It’s not just physical strength that our batteries have. It is also twice the run time, half the weight, and 10 times longer lasting than a lead acid battery, even the bunny doesn’t stand a chance. We even have an advanced BMS (Battery Management System) that prevents mistakes such as overcharge, under voltage, and short circuit protection. Check out some of the factory size batteries we have, but if you need something specific for your machinery contact us and we will be happy to find you the perfect battery for your needs.

BSLBATT Expands Integrated Lithium-Ion Power To Heavy-Duty Forklift Segment

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