BSLBATT "Drop-in-Ready" 48V Lithium Batteries - Golf / UTV

Don’t settle for a “one-size-fits-all” 48V Lithium battery with uncertain durability. Get powerful, ruggedly constructed Golf cart batteries that are proven to perform.  Our BSLBATT 48V lithium iron phosphate battery is a GC2 sized drop-in replacement battery that delivers high-quality performance, power, and precision. This 48V 30 Ah battery was designed specifically for golf cars, utility vehicles, LSVs, and AGVs. This versatile solution allows users to convert 48V lead-acid setups, most commonly 8 x 6V batteries or 4 x 12V, to lithium with Allied 48V 30Ah Batteries. With BSLBATT, you'll get a combination of benefits you can't find anywhere else. Choose from 1 x 48V 30Ah (30Ah) all the way up to 8 x 48V 30Ah (240Ah) lithium batteries for maximum range. Simply remove your existing lead-acid batteries and replace them with the BSLBATT 48V Lithium Batteries, attach cables in parallel, secure holding bracket, and the installation is complete. Perfect for 48V Golf Cart. Drop-in-Ready for Club Car, EZGO, Icon, Polaris, Yamaha and more.

Product specifications

Drop-in replacement for Lead Acid Batteries

Electrical specifications

Nominal capacity30Ah
Open circuit voltage51.2V
Self-discharge<3% per month
Cycle life

>3000 Cycles at 100% DoD

>4500 Cycles at 80% DoD

EqPb (Equals Lead acid battery)36Ah

Mechanical specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)260mm x 180mm x 276mm
Weight34 lb / 15.6 kg
Case materialPC - ABS
Ingress protectionSealed case IP66
Cell type / ChemistryDiamond - LiFePO4
Terminals, Female-threaded3/8" x 1.25

Charge & Discharge specifications

Charge methodCCCV
Charging Voltage58.4V - 59.2V
Discharge Voltage Minimum:38.5V
DC internal resistance (max):<10 mΩ
Maximum continuous charging current100A
Continuous discharge current120A (3.07kW)
30s continuous discharge180A (4.61kW)

Temperature specifications

Charge temperature0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 131°F
Discharge temperature-20°C to 55°C / -4°F to 131°F
Storage temperature0°C to 40°C / -4°F to 113°F

Compliance specifications

CertificationsCE, UN 38.3, RoHS et IEC
Shipping classificationUN 3480

communication method

Commercial warrantyUp to 5 years
Energy Efficiency98%
Parallel assemblyUp to 10 units
Serial assemblyUp to 4 units in series



  • UL2580
  • IEC
  • ROHS
  • 18001
  • ISO
  • 388-CE
  • UN38.3

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