Combilift Adopts BSLBATT lithium battery

BSLBATT lithium batteries have full communications integration with the whole line of Combilift electric lift trucks. The plug-and-play configuration allows a lithium battery to integrate seamlessly into the truck, retaining full functionality of the battery state of charge indicator and low battery warning system. Lift truck models that require dual cases are usually equipped with all of the required power (and more) in one case, with clump weight in the other!

Lower total cost of ownership

● Save 20–40% in 2–4 years (compared to LP, diesel, or lead-acid) ● Two to three times the cycle life of a lead-acid battery ● Save the labor or service contract dollars to change and water batteries ● Return battery room space to profitable use ● Reduce electricity use by as much as 30% due to better energy conversion ● Reduce or eliminate costs to cool charging areas and warehouse

Full integration with ALL Aisle-Master & Combilift electric lifts

● 50 different models to fit Aisle-Master and Combilift electric lifts ● Battery-to-truck communication using CAN protocol ● Lifts that require dual cases usually get all of the required power (and more) from just one case, with clump weight in the other ● BSLBATT batteries are compatible with many different chargers

You supply the technical drawings, we’ll build you a BSLBATT battery!

BSLBATT Battery will exhibit its lithium ion battery system product line, which is currently powering several thousand Material Handling Electric Vehicles and Automated Guided Vehicles. Our lithium-ion batteries are tailored to forklifts’ use in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage; paper, pulp, and forest products; industrial manufacturing; distribution and logistics; retail; consumer goods; utilities and commercial transportation sectors.

Combilift and Aisle-Master Adopts BSLBATT Lithium-Ion Batteries

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