Upgrade Your Operations with Lithium Technology

Built to the highest safety, design and manufacturing standards, BSLBATT® batteries are premium lithium-ion (Li-ion) products to power your Electric Platform Trucks / Belt Loaders / Luggage Tugs vehicles. It is available in a variety of sizes and configurations and is integrated with innovative battery management technology to provide intelligent and flexible power that is not only reliable but increases the productivity and profitability of your entire forklift operation.

Always one step ahead

Through research and development, we challenge not only the industry, but ourselves, to push the boundaries further. This makes us a supplier to some of the largest airports in the world. We know vibration, water and harsh use are part of everyday conditions. That's why BSLBATT® ensures that the battery charger is strong enough for your everyday use and has a high IP67 rating to back it up. We know how to design and manufacture battery packs to optimize performance and safety, backed by UL listings and patent-protected intellectual property.

Optimized by connection

It's easier to understand how to optimize usage when you have the right information to base your decisions on. All BSLBATT® systems and products are compatible with battery and charging optimization software solutions. System solutions automatically process data, analysis and alerts based on KPIs of your own choosing - whether you are a purchasing agent, engineer or part of an environmental team, BSLBATT® Electric Platform Trucks Lithium Battery is ready to work with you - leaving you time to focus on other things.

Battery charging solutions for your Electric Platform Trucks / Belt Loaders / Luggage Tugs applications

BSLBATT® provides the industry with field-proven, high-quality battery chargers up to 500 kW for on-board or stationary charging applications. And it has achieved brand compatibility with the world's famous charger manufacturers SPE, Delta-Q, Fronius, and successfully entered the communication matching list! With unrivaled safety features, simplified maintenance and an 8-year battery warranty, the BSLBATT® takes lithium technology to the next level. Contact us today with any questions or to get started.

BSLBATT | LiFEPO4 battery 80V 1120AH for Heavy Duty Forklift trucks

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