Precisely meet your operational needs.

Precisely meet your operational needs. EasySterrt, a BSL dealer based in Illinois, offers a range of lithium-ion battery cartridge replacements tailored to your truck's requirements. Our batteries excel with active heating, cooling, safety, balance, passive safety technology, and full UL certification - keeping your team productive and safe. Select Reliability, and select EasySterrt.

Custom forklift lithium battery sent to Germany

A container with 12 BSLBATT lithium forklift batteries and chargers is being loaded for shipment to Germany. We are delighted to see more and more material handling fleets choose the BSLBATT battery for its outstanding performance and superior quality. We will continue to expand into the European market and we appreciate the efforts of our partners, especially our distributors, who benefit from promoting our products and services in the local market.

Best Form of Social Distancing?! With a New BSLBATT Battery in between us!

Large Pet Food and Zoo Supplier in the Midwest just switched all 10 Vehicles to BSLBATT Batteries and Chargers. The main reason, “It’s simple and it’s Safe”. 

Increased Safety, Lower TCO, and Predictable Power. It is time to switch your facility to BSLBATT. And we’ll start the process together. 

Because we know: The future is electric!

As times change in the face of countries and industries making ambitious commitments to phase out the use of diesel and petrol-fuelled motor vehicles. The electrification of mining vehicles has an interesting role to play as mines age and operations continue to extract lower ore grades at deeper levels.

The proliferation of electric mining equipment whether loaders or trucks will depend not only on the vehicles themselves but enabling and associated technologies. Advancements in Li-ion battery technology in terms of electric range, energy, and power capacity will continue to lead a reduction in the cost of battery packs used in electric mining vehicles making the technology more viable.

Warehouse and Transportation: the importance of Lithium forklift batteries

In this difficult time, food supply may be disrupted by a COVID19 pandemic.

When speed and punctuality are important goals in the horticultural #transport industry, efficient warehouse management may make the difference, and that starts with forklift maintenance.

Read how one of our customers, abbreviated “HST” company is using a power management solution along with BSLBATT batteries to further reduce maintenance costs and boost energy efficiency so their forklift fleet is ready to work anytime.