Capacity & Cycle Life

One of the most important benefits of BSLBATT's choice of lithium is the dramatic increase in energy density over current lead-acid battery solutions. BSLBATT uses Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) which has a specific energy of ~110 watt-hours per kilogram, compared to lead-acids ~40 watt-hours per kilogram. What does this mean? Our batteries can be ~1/3 the weight for similar amp-hour ratings.

Speed & Efficiency

BSLBATT lithium batteries are fast. They can be fast charged completely and can handle ultra-fast charging up to 1C (a full charge in 1 hour). Lead-acid can only be fast-charged up to 80% after which charging current drops dramatically. In addition, BSLBATT Lithium batteries maintain excellent performance under discharge rates as high as 3C continuous (full discharge in 1/3 an hour) or 5C pulsed. Lead-acid experiences dramatic voltage sag and capacity reduction by comparison. In fact, the discharge profile of a BSLBATT lithium battery shows how voltage and power remain almost constant throughout its discharge, unlike lead-acid. This means that even when the battery runs low, performance stays high.

Do you need to charge your batteries on the go?

Our batteries perform better when charged during breaks in the day. Running BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries using 'opportunity charging' can actually increase cycle lifetime and decrease the battery size required for a job, saving you money. Our batteries exhibit no 'memory effect' associated with opportunity charging, so discharge and charge the battery at any point without consequence. With lead-acid, failure to fully charge leads to sulfation which damages the batteries. This also occurs when storing lead-acid while not fully charged. With BSLBATT lithium-ion, store the battery at any state of charge except near zero. Finally, BSLBATT lithium is ~95% energy efficient, compared to the ~80% efficiency for lead-acid batteries.

What makes the BSLBATT the Superior Lithium Battery for your Motive Power needs?

The answer is quality at every step. Every BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Battery is built to stringent specifications and qualifications with comprehensive checks from start to finish. The battery is designed and assembled in China., and its assembly facilities meet the stringent ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.

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