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Explore our range of Lithium batteries designed to suit all brands of aerial work platforms, including Genie, Skyjack, JLG, and Haulotte. Our batteries sizes are made specifically to suit various different models of aerial work platforms. Many access platforms, including scissor lifts and cherry pickers, use high-performance 24-volt and 48-volt lithium traction batteries. They place a high demand on the battery due to the nature of the application, so a hard-working battery is essential to prevent downtime. We offer specialist high-performance, large-capacity Lithium traction batteries for all access platform applications and budgets. Our traction batteries are especially known for their robust dependability when long working times are needed.

BSLBATT provides extreme battery power for aerial lift platform

Automotive Standard Safety Systems: Anti-thermal structural design and microprocessor-controlled safety system protection, like Over Voltage/Under Voltage/Over Current/Over Temperature/Short Circuit. CAN Communication with J1939: Supports J1939 communication protocol to read State of Charge (SOC), voltage, current, temperature and other information of the battery. Superior BMS Performance: High accurate voltage / current measuring, high accurate fuel gauge calculation with temperature compensation. Flexible Parallel Connection: Support parallel connection and allow batteries different capacity/SOC to be connected in parallel. Intelligently balance the SoC of different batteries in parallel connections. Integrated Heating Function: Support heating function to warm up the battery at low temperature for charging and discharging. High Precision Cell Detection: The battery can detect low current leakage from the MEWP system, and turn it off automatically to save power.

Lithium-ion cells the end of oil begins

For your Aerial Work Platform needs there is no better source of energy than lithium batteries from BSLBATT. Our LiFePO4 batteries for 24 and 48V systems are safe, cost effective, eco-friendly and zero maintenance. They are high energy dense and boast a long life - over three times longer than lead-acid batteries. Our 5-year warranty assures a rapid payback on your investment. In addition, lithium batteries mean no acid spills, no fumes, and no corrosion, those are to say there are almost no daily maintenance needs to do, so they're better for you and the environment.

Connect to the Future

We know that product interconnectivity increases efficiencies and lowers total cost of ownership. We also know accessible data can significantly impact decisions that increase productivity. That’s why BSLBATT embeds technology to monitor battery usage, collect product performance data and allow for remote monitoring. The future is connected — and so are BSLBATT Battery Packs. Our technical team is there to help you with your customized projects or to offer you a solution for your electrical product! Together we look for the best solution, taking into account the requirements of the product, suitable technology, dimensions and weight, the shape of the required battery, …

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