BSLBATT Battery Joins Fronius Charger Compatibility Program

BSLBATT and Fronius Charger

BSLBATT Battery announced today that it has joined Fronius Perfect Charging's new partner program "Charger Compatibility". The program provides BSLBATT Battery with the tools to pursue new opportunities with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). As part of Fronius Charger Compatibility, BSLBATT can showcase its integration with Fronius Charger in a curated network of tested and compatible batteries and charging solutions. BSLBATT's lithium battery products were iteratively tested and validated by Fronius team of engineers.

How Does This Benefit You?

Fronius Charger Compatibility shows that the battery or BMS was tested and validated with Fronius’s chargers. It gives you the confidence and trust that the battery and charger combination will provide your BSLBATT products with best-in-class performance, prolonged battery life and maximum uptime.

Fronius Charger Compatibility

Change The Way You Charge Your Forklift Batteries

“We are delighted to have been selected to join the Fronius Charger Compatibility Program,” said BSLBATT Battery Marketing Director Haley Ning. “We stand alongside several reputable companies, whom we admire, and hope that our association with Fronius Perfect Charging takes our relationships with OEMs to the next level.”

A Premier Partner

“Fronius Perfect Charging offers a unique way for battery and BMS partners like BSLBATT Battery to generate more business by signaling a level of quality and compatibility that OEMs can rely on. Currently, there is no other resource available that offers OEMs a one-stop-shop with this level of curated solutions,” said Fronius Account Manager of Business Development Kai Wan.