3 Wheel Forklift Lithium Battery Solutions

BSLBATT® Lithium-ion batteries are energy efficient, compact and long-lasting. Fast charging times, zero maintenance and extended life expectancy provide you with the performance and reliability you need to drive your business forward.

More Power, Reduced Emissions

CO2 output reduction and reduced electrical energy savings are a result of BSLBATT's synchronized Lithium-ion battery, vehicle and charging unit approach. Even under extreme power requirements, such as full-load operation, the battery's full energy is still available without a voltage drop. Short charging times provide flexibility for day-to-day warehouse tasks with high levels of vehicle availability.

No Battery Maintenance

Continuous energy monitoring from our BSLBATT battery maintenance system ensures reliable operation. Battery life and charging status appear in the vehicle’s display, which includes a visualization of the energy recovery system. BSLBATT Lithium-ion batteries are maintenance-free and do not emit gas. This eliminates the cost of battery upkeep, maintenance, and infrastructure needs. Each Lithium-ion battery comes with a 5-year warranty to secure your investment. No need to add water No special charging areas or equipment needed No unpleasant odors from gases or acidification

Proven Experience

As a pioneer in Lithium-ion technology, BSLBATT has been working intensively on the development of sustainable Lithium-ion vehicles for over 10 years to provide a performance advantage for any warehouse. In 2011, the first Lithium-ion trucks were announced with maximum efficiency, safety, and comfort at a minimum consumption and cost. With a connected overall system in which battery, charger, and vehicle are optimally synchronized, Lithium-Ion batteries provide high power and performance, fast charging times, clever energy recovery and zero maintenance.

Now We're Gonna Go Over All Of The BSLBATT Safety Shields.

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