BSLBATT Battery Joins SPE Elettronica Industriale Charger Compatibility Program


BSL Battery announced today that it has joined the Compatibility Program of SPE Industrial Electronics Charger Manufacturer in Crevalcore, Bologna, Italy, with the help of Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP), the exclusive SPE agent in Pennsylvania, USA. The program provides BSLBATT Battery with the tools to pursue new opportunities with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). As part of the compatibility program for SPE charger manufacturers, BSLBATT can present its integration with SPE Elettronica Industriale in a curated network of tested and compatible batteries and charging solutions.

Our Trusted Charger Partners

The Charged by SPE Elettronica Industriale project provides us with an opportunity to formalize what we have been doing and promote it to a wider range of potential partners and OEMs around the world

Charged by SPE Elettronica Industriale

How Does This Benefit You?

Charged by SPE Elettronica Industriale shows that the battery or BMS was tested and validated with SPE’s chargers. It gives you the confidence and trust that the battery and charger combination will provide your BSLBATT products with best-in-class performance, prolonged battery life and maximum uptime.

BSLBATT battery products are compatible with SPE chargers

The program Charged by SPE Elettronica Industriale is a great fit for us and we are excited to be part of this effort with SPE. We are eager to continue growing with SPE and are eager for the opportunity to provide outstanding solutions to industries that work with the SPE product line.