To make high-performance batteries affordable for your application.

Each vehicle type requires a minimum of engineering work depending on the needed performance and work environment. BSLBATT solution requires only a few weeks of engineering for implementation. The R&D phase is thus considerably reduced. BSLBATT Lithium batteries being modular, integrators can capitalize on their developments on their whole product range and therefore significantly improve their return on investment. Hence, all vehicle and machine manufacturers have access to a simple and efficient solution for clean power.

Your Application, Our Solution

From commercial buses to modern electric and hybrid vehicles, our battery products are specifically engineered for high energy or high power to meet the needs of any application.

Increasing energy efficiency and meeting environmental challenges

A breakthrough in lithium-ion solutions has led to huge improvements in power and energy, making lithium-ion the technology of choice for today’s electric vehicles. BSLBATT has been designing and delivering different electrochemical battery solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles for more than 16 years, Our focus is on efficiency and sustainability to reduce vehicle-running costs over the whole service life. helping to cut CO₂ emissions, meet regulatory targets, limit fuel consumption and improve transport’s environmental footprint.

BSLBATT® Lithium Forklift Battery Factory Video

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