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Welcome to BSL Battery - Industrial, the leading supplier of lithium solutions to the mining industry. BSL Battery - Industrial makes very good lithium batteries that power everything from Ming Trucks/Mining Locomotives to GSEs, forklifts, AGVs, and aerial work vehicles. Our rugged mining truck lithium battery packs are designed for demanding underground applications. Trucks and locomotives powered by our lithium batteries achieve zero emissions, resulting in savings on maintenance, ventilation and cooling, providing powerful opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint and create healthier working environments for miners.

Mining Flame-Proof Lithium-ion Battery Power System

The explosion-proof lithium-ion battery power supply system developed by our company uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have the advantages of high energy density, stable electrical performance, and long life. An explosion-proof special battery management system (BMS) is used to collect and manage the voltage, temperature, and current of each single battery. The electrical design of the system is stable and reliable, and zero-power standby is achieved. The whole machine has the advantages of low temperature rise and long battery life. It can be widely used in mining manned or transport vehicles, trackless rubber-tired vehicles, rail electric locomotives, monorail cranes, or in industrial or related workplaces with explosion-proof requirements. Has many uses.

Mining Flame-Proof Power Distribution Unit

Thanks to the modular concept and our many years of expertise, the mine flameproof power supply control box is an access and control device for mine flameproof lithium-ion battery power supply. It has a built-in intelligent control host, safe network power supply DC/DC, Key modules such as motor control power supply DC/AC have the functions of automatically monitoring and identifying the access status of the battery power box, charging balance control between boxes, vehicle lighting, steering, water pump, heater, wiper and other accessories control, etc., and can automatically control The charging and discharging status of the power box and the start and stop of the charger. It is an upgraded replacement product for the lead-acid battery system of explosion-proof trackless rubber-tyred vehicles and related explosion-proof vehicles. It has multi-channel low-voltage power output function, advanced functions and excellent performance.

Why choose BSL Battery - Industrial?

1. The box with high mechanical safety is made of high-strength aviation aluminum profiles; 2. Commercial vehicle 173 module structure has high safety and batch stability 3. Thermal runaway and thermal diffusion requirements meet the safety technical requirements of electric buses; 4. The battery pack meets the IP68 and IP69 protection levels after completing the vibration, charge and discharge, and humidity and heat alternating tests, and meets the high electrical safety of IP protection throughout the life cycle. 5. Equipped with smoke detection and fire extinguishing device functions; 6. 24h remote monitoring function can realize all-weather fault warning; 7. The withstand voltage level meets 2500V; 8. It has high electrical safety design such as EMC, equipotential, and high-voltage interlocking. 9. All-weather thermal management technology 10. Integrated battery box liquid cooling system improves thermal management efficiency 11. The battery system is equipped with a heating film heating system that can meet a heating rate of 36°C/h.

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