BSLBATT batteries find a second life in automated guided vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) perform high volume, repetitive tasks in tough and demanding work environments - BSLBATT's Li-ion batteries, charging solutions, and systems are up for the challenge. BSLBATT® provides reliable & safe Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate batteries for automatic guided vehicles used in manufacturing, material handling, and industrial applications. With powerful bi-directional battery telemetry through the BSLBATT® Battery Management System, vehicles can be remotely monitored and programmed to operate and re-charge based on battery state. Offering standard & custom case configurations, BSLBATT® is flexible to offer a solution to meet your vehicle needs.

New Lithium technology creates opportunities for AGV systems

Thanks to Lithium technology, BSLBATT batteries can achieve up to three times more cycles than comparable AGM battery models and are better able to handle short boost charges. Our top-of-the-line Li-ion battery systems are modular, flexible designs making them perfect for AGV applications. You can choose between a fully integrated battery solution or a stand-alone unit combined with an onboard or stationary charger from our field-proven battery charger range. In addition, a study conducted by us has shown that a Lithium battery lasts more than 2 times longer than an AGM battery before the battery is empty. Meaning less downtime than with an AGM lead-acid battery. Less downtime means an even more efficient logistics process.

Fully Integrated For Improved Communication

Our battery chargers can communicate with the AGV through CAN bus, ethernet, or radio. It is possible to equip the AGV chargers with I/O cards used for various functions which make the battery charger more versatile and increase the possibility to communicate with other systems. Connect your batteries and battery chargers to our Fleet Management System for remote control and access to daily operations. The system features automatic data transfer and analysis, as well as user a friendly interface and automated alerts based on your own settings.

BSLBATT Battery, your reliable partner

The unknown can be intimidating. Leveraging more than 18 years of technologically-advanced forklift design experience, and more than 10 years of automation experience, BSLBATT® will partner with you to develop and define the right automation solution for your specific workflow and unique business challenges.

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