Airport Ground Support Equipment

The urgency for electric vehicles in airport ground support just intensified. Every airport in the world has committed to a policy to remove all diesel-powered vehicles from the apron and all airside areas by 2030. Currently, there are tens or hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles in these roles; they all need to go electric. That’s where Fast Charging technology really makes an impact. Our Fast Charging expertise at BSLBATT lets us provide solutions that mitigate the huge amounts of AC power required and new substations this transition might otherwise demand. It also helps to eliminate the immense strain on regional electrical infrastructures.

Environmentally Friendly

Lithium-ion batteries are an eco-friendly alternative to combustion engines and ideal for airports and airlines working to reduce CO2 emissions. Lithium-ion allows your equipment to emit zero emissions and contain no toxic lead or acid. Lithium-ion from BSLBATT releases no noxious fumes when charging. When the battery runs low, performance stays high.

Lithium-ion Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Batteries

The BSLBATT GSE Pack is capable of integrating with airport ground support equipment such as baggage and cargo tractors. This provides a seamless transition for GSE when switching to lithium-ion. Battery chargers include portable, wall-mountable, and rack-fixed all the way to resourceful Fast Charging technology built into indoor and outdoor drive-up-to solutions for rapid topping-up during short idle periods.


Are you uncertain as to whether one of our products will meet your requirements? Our experienced development teams enable us to guide and advise our clients along the journey towards a production-ready battery system – including the creation of prototypes, samples, and pre-series systems.

Middle East Airport TLD Ground Support Lead Acid to BSL Lithium Battery

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