Long-Term Reliable Power

When considering total cost of ownership, Lithium-ion technology is unmatched. BSLBATT electric tractor lithium batteries provide reliable, consistent operation over multiple shifts, reducing maintenance and recharging time. Perhaps the most notable change when switching to lithium-ion batteries is the use of opportunity charging. Instead of changing batteries between shifts, you can simply plug in the fast charger during short breaks to keep the same battery running 24/7. This, along with other efficiency, environmental and safety advantages, make lithium-ion batteries a very attractive alternative.

Why Choose BSLBATT® Li-Ion Batteries

BSLBATT® was the first company to offer a commercial, UL Listed lithium-ion battery pack in the material handling industry. In addition to focusing on product safety, BSLBATT® firmly believes in providing customers with quality products. That's why the key components of BSLBATT® lithium batteries are purchased from world-renowned suppliers to ensure high quality. BSLBATT® Tow Tractors lithium-ion batteries deliver the clean operation you expect from electrification, while adding exceptional charging flexibility and consistent, long-lasting performance.

Electrification - Clean Energy Means Business

BSLBATT's lithium-ion batteries for airport or warehouse equipment improve handling and handling. They increase vehicle availability and make operations more economical, safer and more sustainable. Many users appreciate its practical advantages in everyday work. When you consider replacing our lithium battery for electric tractors, you will find that battery replacement for your fleet has never been easier.

BSLBATT's Lithium-Ion Battery Options

BSLBATT's lithium-ion battery adopts a patented battery design with modularization and cloud intelligent management technology, which can improve your production efficiency. This design helps keep your battery performing at its peak throughout the shift without loss of voltage or performance. BSL Battery is currently the main lithium battery supplier in China for forklift manufacturers such as Toyota Material Handling, Linde Forklift, and Still Forklift. Trust BSLBATT to meet your energy needs.

BSL Li-ion battery for Still Electric Tow Tractors

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