Customers can increase the run time up to 30-45% over similarly rated (amp-hour) lead-acid batteries. BSLBATT Lithium Battery Packs are lightweight, maintenance-free, get an amazing 3000 cycles at 1000% depth of discharge, remaining capacity ≥75%, meaning these batteries outlast alternatives in every way.

Environmentally Friendly

Lithium-ion batteries contain no toxic lead or acid and don't release explosive gases when charging. Say goodbye to noxious fumes with a clean system built for the modern working environment. Lower your energy costs. Testing has shown BSLBATT Lithium Battery Packs consume 30% less energy when moving 200 pallets weighing 2,500 pounds each, thus reducing your electric bill and conserving energy as well as reducing overall operations costs.

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We are the main lithium battery manufacturer for China Leading forklift manufacturer from 2014 We are the supporting team behind these Successful forklift companies.

Proven Expertise

BSLBATT is an experienced leader in lithium-ion technology for industrial applications. We have over 18 year of commercial lithium-ion experience and 6 years of material handling expertise. We have delivered the first CU tested and approved battery packs for forklifts, thus ensuring the highest protection and safety standards for your environment. The only 200Ah monomer independently developed and produced in China, all of its positive and negative electrodes use a "full water process" large-capacity plastic shell lithium iron phosphate power battery company, and the production process is safe and pollution-free

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