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Learn why BSLBATT Modular Technology's lithium batteries are the most advanced in the market. Power your material handling vehicles with advanced lithium batteries. Learn more now. Fully customizable. No lead-acid maintenance. True fast charging.

Caterpillar CAT Forklift Batteries

Change to BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries! Consistently high performance in material handling. BSLBATT Batteries Can Save Up To 70% Battery Cost Over 5 Years In Multiple Ways. Professional manufacturer. Outstanding quality. Perfect service system. Multiple certifications.

BSLBATT Customized lithium-ion battery solution with counterweight for the after market.

83.2V,690Ah capacity, with 200A charger, CE, UN38.3, UL certified. Flexible operation with the exclusive in-house designed battery management system, advanced dual CANbus ports, and various relays and contactors. The customer is Eternity Dealer in South Africa, first-time contact with us and touched by our company strength and design ability. BSLBATT lithium batteries offer flexibility, reliability, and efficiency for every application. How about no battery swapping, no battery watering, and no special battery rooms? 


The BSLBATT Lithium-ion battery is working well for a warehouse packaging company. The customer previously used Lead Acid batteries, so the virtually maintenance-free benefits of BSLBATT Lithium batteries as well as saving time by not having to change batteries made their operation run more efficiently. The operators only had to plug in on breaks and at lunch, allowing for greater daily productivity. If you’re interested in hearing about the benefits of BSLBATT pallet truck li batteries, call +86-752-2819-469 today or visit us at

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Let's take a closer look at BSLBATT's COMBILIFT AISLE-MASTER Articulated Forklift Motive Power Solutions, ranging from Lead-Acid to Deep Cycle Batteries to High-Frequency Chargers and now Lithium-ion. Which will go to work in Australia. For example, BSLBATT's Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems are ideal for multi-shift operations because they readily accept frequent opportunity charging at high recharge rates throughout each shift, without risking any damage to the battery. ✔ Many thanks to our client for trusting our great brand BSLBATT COMBILIFT AISLE-MASTER Articulated Forklift Battery