Delivery Day

A longtime Toyota Material Handling America customer needed to replace their fleet here at their California facility. They want to stay away from lead-acid forklift batteries. Not only are they transitioning to lithium battery power, but they are making a full leap from lead acid to lithium! We delivered the first batch of 13 lithium batteries for forklift trucks yesterday weighing 24.5 tons. Our BSLBATT USA team in Dallas, Texas, traveled to California to train the team on best practices for its new electric forklift to maximize battery performance and life. The customer has made a very large investment in the product. It is our responsibility as experts and their BSLBATT USA team to ensure that their teams have all the education they need to ensure that they maximize performance, increase productivity, reduce costs, increase business profitability and ultimately validate investments. The team is very accepting and excited about the new unit. Success!

BSLBATT forklift truck to our esteemed TCIM team in Malaysia

Proud to introduce the latest lithium battery of BSLBATT forklift truck to our esteemed TCIM team in Malaysia, as well as share BSLBATT's industry-leading technology and how to expand the local lithium battery market in 2023!

Credits to the after sales team and customer service team who worked relentlessly under extremely hot weather to make the showcase event a successful one. Also, don't forget my colleagues in the business development team who did an excellent job in this visit to the customer and illustrated BSLBATT's battery commitment to a Green Malaysia. As our customers, we provide you with lithium battery technology and compliance software training onsite or you can join weekly zoom training. We focus on providing great after sales services and it is free.

Come visit us if you haven’t seen our products and learn more about BSLBATT Battery! We work hard and innovate for the blue Planet.

Another BSLBATT Lithium Battery success story!

Lithium Ion batteries are creating a paradigm in the material handling industry, since they have the advantages of longer usage time, longer life expectancy, fast charging capacity, and considerable cost reduction, there is the experience of increase in working times between 50% to 10%, on similar batteries but that are lead acid.

12 Linde E30 forklifts

Our North American Linde forklift dealer delivered 12 Linde E30 forklifts with BSL lithium batteries to his customers today. This order is from a loyal North American Linde Exclusive Dealer customer of 2 years. Thanks for your trust!

The case of a great client!

BSLBATT enables forklift dealer companies to focus on their main business, upgrading your existing #ElectricForklifts to Lithium and permanently eliminating battery change stations and maintenance. And take your forklift fleet to the next level with quick and easy charging, 24/7 support and save up to 70% on battery costs over 5 years in a variety of ways. Learn more and call +86 (752) 2819 469 for a quote to retrofit your existing fleet!