UniCarriers Reach Truck Battery

Here you can see an old forklift being converted by the team at BSL dealer Eternity Technologies in South Africa. Replace the lead acid battery with a 51.2v 560ah lithium ion BSLBATT battery.

Delivery of (2) UniCarriers Pantograph Reach Truck 16, paired with (2) #lithiumion 51.2V / 28kWh batteries.

Original Challenges:

• Customer ran Electric Single and Double Reach Trucks in loading/unloading space. Due to frequency of having to get on/off lifts, operators grew irritated during shifts. 

• Customer was coming to facility every Sunday (off day), 1x/week, to water and equalize incumbent lead acid batteries 

Solution met:

• Conducted a demo of the Pantograph Reach Truck (SRX35-SRX45), converted away from SRX Single and Double Reach Trucks 

• Introduced lithium-ion technology to the loading/unloading space. Zero watering or equalization required 

The benefits of providing a service to clients are indisputable. Additionally, technology is developing more quickly than ever, leaving conventional purchasing outdated.

Come see the solutions in BSLBATT at #Web or talk to an energy expert https://www.lithiumforkliftbattery.com/Projects.html

Indonesia Toyota Forklift Lithium Battery Project

In addition to reducing your total cost of ownership, BSLBATT's lithium-ion batteries offer enhanced safety features, giving them another reason they are the perfect choice for your fleet. Check out our latest case this week how BSL helped our Indonesian customer install twelve new game-changing Li-Ion batteries.


Our high-end lithium forklift batteries deliver everything that is needed when working with industrial applications. Working hands-on with Brazil customers is something we value. Here we’ve helped our customer install Six new, game-changing lithium ion batteries. Which means, no battery maintenance, changes or watering! Give us a call to eliminate emissions and improve productivity and safety! +86 752 2819 469

Just delivered!

Just delivered! This fleet of Toyota Material Handling Company 8FB2N25 outfitted with BSLBATT Lithium Batteries, which means, no battery maintenance, changes or watering!  Our Lithium Power solutions improve safety, free up space for storage and eliminate battery changes, forever! ?Solutions available for most OEM forklifts. Learn more then, give us a call at +86 752 2819 469 or inquiry@bsl-battery.com for a free consultation and quote. 

Ambassador Spotlight: Lithium battery is the best power sourse for a paper roll to be moved on the way from the paper mill to the printing machine.

A large Israeli paper manufacturer is using a fleet of 17 sit-down Yale forklifts to feed its production line. The end of the line is serviced by 12 smaller Yale lift trucks, all of which were recently converted from lead-acid batteries to electric lithium-ion. The 14,000 lb capacity truck is equipped with a 5,000 lb paper roll clamp and the 6,000 lb capacity truck is equipped with a push/pull attachment. Smaller trucks do very heavy duty applications - 3 shifts per day, 4,900 hours per year on average! This is well beyond any industry standard lease (approximately 1500-2000 hours per year).