Yet another Happy Customer in America.

New 1-1.8T four-wheel forklift, S series with BSLBATT 48V lithium battery, heading out!

The JAC already has the least power consumption usage and with lithium batteries, there’s no stopping this awesome machine. The run time is outstanding!!

No battery exchange, no gasping, and no Weekly equalizing!! The lithium batteries are the new future of electrics.

Business is on the comeback.

2 brand new electric Toyota BSLBATT 80V delivered for heavy-duty applications. Easy, quick, and safe battery change happy drivers. BSLBATT offers cutting edge lithium-ion battery system. This plug and play solution is an assurance of superior performance. It's time to switch to 'Battery 4 Life of Forklift.' i.e switch to Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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Off to another happy customer!

Vivian Chan is a sales representative at Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd in BSLBATT. She recently delivered 6 Raymond forklifts to a customer in Columbia. We would like to thank our customers for their support of the BSLBATT brand and we would like to wish them many happy hours with their brand new Lithium forklifts Battery.

For more information on our top-quality lithium forklifts Battery, contact a sales representative at BSLBATT today!

Off to another happy customer!

Gearing up for Harvest 2020. Heli G Series 8.5-10T lithium battery forklifts with a BSLBATT Lithium Battery for those long harvest workloads coupled. Our clients for sharing this case of a mighty Heli truck powered by Li-ion batteries! Here at BSLBATT, we are very proud of our partnership with Our clients!

Well done to Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd for the safe delivery of these lithium forklifts battery!

Lithium-Ion Battery project increases productivity at ***

Beginning in September of 2016 partnering with BSLBATT, *** began exploring the use of lithium-ion batteries for forklifts through CTMA projects specifically at *** Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, and San Joaquin, California warehouse depots. DDSP tested the 36-volt lithium-ion batteries in some of their electric/lead-acid battery forklifts, and DDJC tested the 48-volt lithium-ion batteries in electric forklifts replacing their gas engine/propane forklifts.