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UniCarriers Pallet Jack 4,500 lbs Case Demo with BSL Lithium Batteries

2023/03/25 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

Attention all clean energy enthusiasts!  The BSLBATT Aftersales headquarters team based in Huizhou, China travelled to BSL dealers in Thailand to provide BSL Thailand dealer teams with training on best practices for their new electric forklift to maximize battery performance and service life. It is our responsibility as experts and their BSLBATT Aftersales team to ensure that their teams have all the education they need to ensure that they maximize performance, increase productivity, reduce costs, increase business profitability and ultimately validate investments. The team is very accepting and excited about the new unit. Success! Join us to experience the power of innovation firsthand! We call it shared autonomy.

Lithium batteries play an important role in the function of our Thai distributor's end-customer warehouse. They provide a wealth of benefits to modernize operations and increase site efficiency. Next, we share a case video on UniCarriers Pallet Jack 4,500 lbs equipped with BSLBATT lithium batteries to illustrate the various ways that using lithium batteries can reduce labor costs and benefit warehouse operations, especially material handling and floor care. Lithium batteries are easily compatible with the efficient automated guided vehicles commonly found in warehouses; they are safer, last longer, and reduce the space needed for storage.

Lead Acid Battery vs. BSLBATT Pallet Jack Lithium-Ion Battery

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major advantages of Electric Pallet Jacks with BSLBATT lithium battery technology.

Dramatic cost savings:

Because BSLBATT Pallet Jack lithium-ion batteries last so much longer than traditional lead acid batteries, the cost savings begin to add up quickly and end up being substantial over the much longer life span of this game-changing pallet jack power source.

● Other factors that contribute to a more cost-efficient warehouse operation include:

● Far less money spent on energy for charging batteries

● Less time and labor expended by workers swapping out lead acid batteries

● Less time and labor spent maintaining and watering lead acid batteries

● Less energy wasted (a lead acid battery burns off 45-50% of its energy in heat, while a lithium battery loses only 10-15%)

Worker safety:

Hydrogen fumes and “acid splash” are a health and safety concern for workers maintaining lead acid batteries. Risks include sulfuric acid contacting their clothing, skin or eyes. Though not always adhered to, OSHA Guidelines call for nearby eyewash stations and for workers to wear personal protective gear (goggles, rubber or neoprene gloves and aprons). Such potential health and safety hazards are eliminated when using lithium batteries.

No battery rooms required:

Due to the space needed for charging and the risk of spills and fumes, most companies that run multiple electric pallet jacks powered by lead acid batteries handle the time-consuming recharging tasks by dedicating some of their valuable warehouse space to a separate, well-ventilated battery room.

Opportunity charging:

So-called “opportunity charging” (or charging pallet jack batteries when opportunities arise; for example, during breaks or in between tasks) is one of the great advantages of lithium batteries. However, the same practice will significantly shorten the life of a lead acid battery 

UniCarriers Pallet Jack

So, how do you select the right pallet jack battery for your electric walkie or rider? Before you make a decision, here is what to consider:

What are the model and the serial numbers of your electric pallet jack?

● What are the measurements of the battery box? Check to see what size battery you have. If you can't find it, take a tape measure and measure the length, width, and height of the battery box.

● What voltage battery replacement do you need?

● How many hours a day does the pallet jack need to run?

24v, 12-85-7 size format. BSLBATT 24V Pallet Jack Lithium-Ion Battery System designed for optimizing performance on any style electric walkie pallet jack. This plug and play battery solution comes equipped with an on-board charger and multiple capacity options for any kind of application. As you can see, with the right power source for your electric pallet jack or stacker you can do wonders for your warehouse operation in terms of reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. If you are ready to upgrade your material handling fleet, contact our technical team of battery experts and we will help determine the right battery to fit your specific material handling equipment needs.

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