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How to replace electric forklift lead-acid battery with lithium battery?

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Lithium Ion Forklift Batteries: What You Need to Know

We give an example battery BSLBATT B-LFP36-800 which are great alternatives to Hyster N35DR2. Easier to use, several times longer life, saving both purchase costs, maintenance, and operating costs.

If you are looking to buy an electric forklift or you want to replace your existing lead-acid battery with a Lithium battery. We can assist you. Just tell us the Forklift model, weight and battery size, working hours. On that basis, BSLBATT Battery Team advises enthusiastically, exactly according to the requirements and most economical. You can also email us.

Our team is the backbone of our operation and we wouldn’t be able to offer such a superior service without their dedication, talent and ability to work and adapt to all worksites and customer needs. The BSLBATT Battery team is a family, and we are all equally focused on producing the best Lithium Forklift battery, additional services, GPRS cloud platform and Intelligent battery management system across Huizhou and Anhui to ensure our customer service is of the highest quality.

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Technical concerns when replacing lead-acid batteries with li-ion batteries

● Is it much more expensive?

● What do the electric forklift specifications affect?

● Does it affect the working time of the electric forklift?

● Does the electric forklift weaken?

● Are Li-ion batteries safe for a lift truck?

● Can Li-ion batteries operate in cold temperatures?

● Is buying a more expensive li-ion battery a good return on investment?

● What are the cost benefits of a Li-ion battery compared to lead-acid?

We are happy to listen and assist you to answer the above questions.

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How much does it cost to maintain your electric forklift monthly, quarterly, or annually? 

Did you know that Lithium batteries last up to 4 times longer than lead-acid batteries in electric forklifts? Here are other advantages that can save you valuable time and money when using Lithium batteries:

● No extra space for battery backup or battery maintenance is required.

● There's no need to agonize and periodically lift a weight-laden battery pack out of the vehicle to exchange for another battery or maintain it.

● No need to check and replenish battery water

● Not subject to toxicity and fire hazard from sulfuric acid.

● The warranty period is 5 years instead of only 12 months.

● Lithium battery prices are on par with lead-acid batteries at the time of super promotion.

● Do not release toxic substances such as lead and acids into the environment.

benefits of lithium batteries in forklifts

Lithium batteries versus lead-acid batteries

BatteryWarrantyNumber of cycles during the periodCharging time, hours
Lead Acid forklift batteryOne year15008-10
Lithium forklift batteryFive years35001-2

Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Worth the Extra Cost?

The answer requires a bit of analysis. First, is your current charging system meeting the needs of your application? How much downtime does your operation experience? Also, what is the (labor) cost per month to maintain and charging batteries? The cost to maintain lead-acid batteries can really add up over the long term.

For multi-shift operations: lithium-ion batteries pay for themselves in just a few years. An average single-shift operation will find lithium-ion batteries pays for themselves in about five years, sometimes less. Keep in mind L-I batteries last up to four times longer so you’ll be buying batteries less often.

Can I Retrofit a Forklift to Use a Lithium Battery?

Yes! Switching to lithium-ion only requires installing the new battery and adding the charge meter.

What About Counterbalance?

The BSLBATT batteries provide the ballast within their case, so they meet the required minimum battery weight spec.

Promotion of lithium batteries for forklifts

Parameters of some lithium battery models

● 25.6 V/200 Ah/5.12 Kwh

● 51.2 V/535Ah/27.39 Kwh

● 51.2 V/400Ah/15.36 Kwh

● 89.6 V/400Ah/35.84 Kwh

The voltage per cell of a Lithium battery is 3.2 V compared to a lead-acid battery of 2 V.

Contact for advice on replacing electric forklift batteries

If you are replacing your existing lead-acid battery with a lithium battery, contact us. Protect the environment, protect your health and protect your wallet.

Hotline: +86 752-2819469.


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