BSL Battery - Industrial Expands Testing and Product Validation Capabilities with Field Shaker

2023/08/31 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

Huizhou, China - BSL New Energy Technology Co., LTD. is a fast-paced, high-growth (200% YoY) high-tech company leading the adoption of lithium-ion technology solutions. We design, manufacture and sell advanced lithium-ion battery packs that are disrupting the over 100-year-old lead-acid battery market. A battery is the beating hearts of an electric truck. To make sure the truck is “revived” immediately and the life expectancy is excellent after a “heart transplant”, BSLBATT Battery team conducts strict performance tests to assure all BSLBATT battery products meet industrial standards for quality and compatibility for every applications. Announcing today an expansion in-house with all the testing required to meet UL 2580 and UN/DOT 38.3 compliance Testing and product validation capabilities for equipment, including field shakers.

Product Validation Capabilities

Lithium-ion batteries with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification are tested to nationally recognized safety standards as complete end products and also include battery modules and packs. The UL 2580 battery testing standard also tests the ability of cells, battery modules and packs to safely withstand harsh conditions, testing whether they can be charged and discharged as required. UN/DOT 38.3 testing helps ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries during transportation.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-certified shakers will be used to test their battery systems under simulated vibration conditions to ensure they can withstand the vibration and shock stresses they may encounter in their intended operating environment, shortening the time required from testing to certification. required time.

Haley Ning said: "UL's comprehensive testing facility enables in-house qualification of everything from the smallest to the largest battery system, eliminating the need to outsource any testing aspects of UL or UN certification and speeding up the process. ”BSL Battery - Industrial Chief Operating Officer. "Our strong relationship with UTL, an Underwriters Laboratories compliant laboratory, coupled with these strong testing capabilities, enables BSL Battery - Industrial to rapidly develop and deliver world-class energy storage systems to critical applications for our end users. All BSL Battery - Industrial systems are designed and tested to meet the rigorous standards of the modern operating environment, with an unwavering focus on safety and reliability. We remain committed to providing clean energy solutions to this fast-growing market."

If you would like to learn more about how BSLBATT's patented Lithium-Ion battery module technology will improve your material handling fleet, please contact our team at:

About BSL Battery - Industrial

BSL Battery - Industrial specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced industrial lithium-ion battery systems for the material handling industry. BSL Battery - Industrial is a Chinese manufacturer based in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. BSL Battery - Industrial manufactures advanced lithium-ion power systems, which are a more energy-efficient, greener and safer alternative to lead-acid batteries. BSL Battery - Industrial is proud to serve the material handling industry as well as adjacent markets such as AGV and Custom. With a customer-centric approach, we strive to provide excellent customer support for an easy transition to new technology. Our battery packs are used to power industrial and commercial equipment such as forklifts and renewable energy, as well as new applications such as golf carts, floor standing machines, marine vessels and mobile elevated work platform stations. Our products comply with UL2580/UL1973/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC62133/CE/CB standards.

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