BSLBATT Launches New Series of lithium forklift battery system with BMS

2020/03/11 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltdannounced that it is the first battery company to develop a series of qualified heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries for Class I and II forklifts.

Wisdom Power's BSLBATT® includes a series of deep-cycle lithium forklift battery systems covering a wide range of voltages from 24 to 80 volts, and a range of kWh capacity spanning 10 kWh to 50 kWh. Compared with similarly sized lead-acid battery packs, the BSLBATT® lithium forklift battery system has many advantages. BSLBATT® packaging requires zero maintenance over the life of the package. The BSLBATT® battery series is designed with an advanced proprietary battery management system that can use any existing charging system, so no facility changes are required. BSLBATT® lithium battery packs are more receptive to fast charging than lead-acid batteries and do not require cooling time, so they can be recharged easily in three-shift operation, which means that each truck requires only one BSLBATT® lithium batteries have three lead-acid battery packs that can operate in multi-shift customer environments.

Compared with lead acid, BSLBATT® still maintains a 40% operating time advantage at low temperatures, making it an ideal battery for forklifts operating at low temperatures such as in food warehouses. Compared to the typical three to five year life of a normal lead-acid forklift battery, the life of a BSLBATT® battery pack is up to 10 years depending on the duty cycle. All in all, the advantages of BSLBATT® packaging make it more cost-effective than lead-acid in three shifts and refrigeration applications, and these two areas account for about 20% of the entire forklift market.

Eric Yi, Chairman and Founder of Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd, said, "Our engineering team has adopted the same comprehensive set of electrical and mechanical design methods as rugged lithium batteries designed for military tanks and applied them to BSLBATT® lithium forklift battery design. "" Although other battery companies have developed lithium battery solutions for the simpler category III walk-on jacks, the requirements for Class I and II standing / sitting on a forklift are An order of magnitude higher. The new level will delight customers with the performance provided by the BSLBATT® deep cycle lithium system. "

By modifying the electrolyte (adding some organic additives) and using a new forming process, the lithium embedded stability and thermal stability of SEI film on the electrode surface are enhanced during the first charge of the battery, and the resistance of the battery to overcharge and over release is enhanced.

A positive electrode dry stirring process with high viscosity was developed, which could obtain enough fine particles and disperse them evenly in the solution (the thickness of positive electrode slurry ≤5um) without destroying the coating of lithium iron phosphate carbon, thus improving the consistency and performance of the battery.

Adopt the special production technology and process control, eliminate the dust and burr of the pole piece, reduce the moisture content of the cell, so as to improve the safety and cycle life of the battery

According to the characteristics of high-capacity lithium iron phosphate, a set of matching parameters is optimized. Through comparison of matching parameters, a single battery with relatively consistent charge, cycle life and electrochemical performance can be obtained, which can significantly improve the cycle life and electrochemical performance of the battery.

As found in hybrid vehicles, the capacity of the BSLBATT® battery pack is kWh. Unlike hybrid cars, forklifts operate at much lower voltages. Therefore, Wisdom Power must develop a high-capacity / low-voltage battery management system that is unique in the industry. One of the biggest technological breakthroughs in BSLBATT® forklift batteries is BSLBATT®'s proprietary custom-designed and manufactured low-voltage battery management system (BMS).

The "active balancing" battery cell balancing function transfers power between the cells in the entire battery pack, so that the overall battery pack's charging and discharging capabilities operate at the highest performance of each individual battery cell, while the weakest battery cell in the battery pack Does not degrade overall performance. The high current active balancing function of BSLBATT® proprietary BMS makes the lithium battery life longer, and its discharge window becomes larger as the battery ages. Compared to lead-acid battery packs, BSLBATT® BMS provides CAN communication, enabling forklift manufacturers to design new user functions. All of these together form a powerful BMS that provides combined control, balancing, and communication functions in a single unit.

BSLBATT® is not only a long-life battery, but also eliminates the battery compartment. BSLBATT® will be charged to 100% in one hour without negative 'memory effects', no watering, and no damage due to partial charging battery. No battery cooling time is required, this breakthrough greatly reduces the need to keep a charged spare battery or an additional forklift to maintain operation. The cost savings will speak for themselves. "

Gain a competitive edge with a long-lasting clean fleet

Currently, three of the world's five largest forklift manufacturers are testing BSLBATT® packaging. Although major technological changes are few and far between, lithium-ion battery technology can undoubtedly represent an innovation that will revolutionize the entire industry. Lithium-ion technology completely redefines the standards for battery and machine performance – significantly extending battery life, which increases uptime, increases uptime, and improves fleet performance. However, lithium-ion technology not only benefits the machine, but lithium-ion batteries greatly reduce the burden on machine operators and fleet managers. Lithium-ion batteries are truly maintenance-free power supplies, eliminating the need for battery refills and full fuel tanks, while enabling opportunity charging. This allows operators to spend more time cleaning and frees fleet managers from having to worry about operator charging behavior, battery life, fuel costs, battery acid exposure, and more.

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