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Discuss the third generation BSL smart battery at the Modex2022 exhibition in the U.S

2022/03/30 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

As manufacturing, supply chain and transportation operations continue to accelerate, the future of our industry depends on forward-looking decisions made today. From inspiring education to next-generation technologies and equipment, BSL Battery lets you see more about new industrial lithium battery technology and harness it to give your supply chain more possibilities for years to come. The event takes place March 28-March 31 in the US (Georgia World Congress Center), booth C5198 is where you'll find us at Modex 2022 USA.


Industrial electrification: the market trend

With the global supply chain ecosystem under more pressure than ever to become more agile, visible, and efficient, your customers need help solving a wide range of critical challenges. At MODEX 2022, the premier manufacturing and supply chain experience, qualified buyers come from every state in the U.S. and over 140 countries to engage 1:1 with solution providers and supply chain experts like you. Upgrading applications to make them smart and safe is the new M.O. for a growing number of OEMs and industrial machinery and electric vehicle manufacturers, a shift driven by the energy transition and innovation but also by Europe’s increasingly stringent emissions standards, so that even the sceptics have no choice but to go carbon-neutral.


Which sectors are more ready for electrification today?

Over their nearly 10 years of development, BSLBATT Battery’s lithium batteries have been chosen by a large number of America and international players in the industrial machinery and electric vehicle segment that fully grasped the differentiating quality of our technology, with more than 950 different models made and exported throughout 100 countries worldwide. By focusing on the industrial market, we’ve had the opportunity to cater to the most diverse needs, from logistics, robotic automation, construction, agriculture and aerial platforms all the way to boating, airport ground support equipment and specialty machinery. In America, lithium electrification is now an undisputed fact in three sectors: agriculture, construction, and logistics & AGV systems.

Walkie Pallet Jacks

In agriculture the trend is more evident in the winegrowing, livestock farming and urban green space maintenance segments. In the winegrowing segment, full-electric harvesting machines offer the same performance of combustion engine-powered machines with the added advantage of no CO2 emissions, zero maintenance costs and lower noise levels. In livestock farming, BSLBATT Battery’s purpose-built lithium battery designs are widely used to electrify self-propelled feed mixers. These machines, in fact, require custom high-voltage batteries made to the mechanical and electronic requirements and structure of the application. Hybrid and full-electric solutions are also increasingly in demand for urban green space maintenance, especially for wood chippers/shredders, where lithium provides the benefit of zero emissions and zero noise.


The construction sector requires high energy density together with the high safety levels offered by LFP chemistry lithium batteries. This combination ensures the machine gets the appropriate autonomy for the specific performance. In fact, applications in this field are extremely energy-intensive due to the type of work they perform each day so energy management is a key factor during design to provide adequate battery run time and power. Riding on the strength of its expertise in all-custom projects, BSLBATT Battery’s R&D team fast-tracked solutions that integrated a higher energy density into the already recognised safety of LFP chemistry, in order to satisfy the specific needs of this sector.


The logistics sector was the first to take advantage of lithium, which is very popular in Industry 4.0 production facilities that use integrated logistics. Lithium batteries need no maintenance so using forklifts, LGVs or AGVs with this technology allows industries to increase the efficiency of their operations.  In addition, charging times are much shorter compared to lead batteries plus, with lithium batteries, you cut down on the operating costs associated with the use of lead batteries, such as the need to set up special charging rooms, automatic battery changing systems, and extraction systems to draw the gases discharged during charging (with the regulatory aspects this entails). These are just some of the advantages that BSLBATT Battery brought to the AGVs and LGVs operating in the most important food, beverage and tissue factories around the world thanks to the partnership with multinational Forklift dealer & Battery Dealer.


At Modex 2022 in the US, we brought some examples of custom third-generation lithium batteries that we have deployed in various fields:

Safety, performance, Fits Like a Glove and high energy density: the distinctive features of BSLBATT Battery’s third-generation batteries 

Digitalisation and technological innovation are major drivers of energy transition, something our Research and Development department – which today accounts for 35% of the BSLBATT Battery staff and is hard at work daily to develop electrification solutions that anticipate the demands of an ever evolving market – knows all too well. We are firmly convinced that innovation can be fostered mainly through a disruptive corporate vision and the BSLBATT Battery technology we showcased at the Modex 2022 Show goes in that direction.

Make BSLBATT Battery your first stop at #MODEX Show 2022! A unique mix of innovative Industrial lithium battery products, smart-powered solutions, and cutting-edge modular technologies awaits you at our interactive Booth #C5198.

Check out our most popular BSLBATT Lithium battery models, pick up our Chinese-style Lucky Tiger Dolls and our recently released Forklift Lithium Battery Chargers

The Global economy is rapidly transitioning to the electrification of all things! BSLBATT Battery is dedicated to providing the safest, longest-lasting, and most cost-effective batteries across a broad range of industries including Electric Forklifts, 3-Wheel-Forklift, Combilift, Heavy-Duty Forklifts, Narrow Aisle Forklifts, Walkie Pallet Jacks, and Floor Cleaning Machines.  Selling high-quality, technical products requires comprehensive and reliable service. Choosing BSLBATT batteries is choosing the future!  

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