BSLBATT’s advanced lithium forklift truck batteries approved for use in TMH, Hyster, Yale and Raymond lift trucks

2021/04/20 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

BSLBATT Lithium, an innovator in China NO 1 in exporting LiFePO4 forklift battery for the replacement lead-acid battery market, has received approval to sell its lithium battery solution for TMH, HysterYale and Raymond lift trucks.

Following an extensive testing process, the BSLBATT-M48 forklift truck batteries was approved for use in TMH, Hyster,  Yale and Raymond Class I lift trucks, both for new trucks and as a replacement option for existing trucks. TMH is the world’s number one selling lift truck manufacturer, selling four the TMH, Hyster,  Yale and Raymond brands in global.

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“TMH, Hyster,  Yale and Raymond are leaders in researching and commercializing new technologies to improve power and performance in the electric lift truck market,” said Hugo Chen, BSLBATT Chief Engineer, in a recent interview. “This approval represents a significant step for BSLBATT lithium forklift truck batteries in achieving industry acceptance and expanding awareness for a battery pack that will benefit customers through lower operational costs and improved fleet efficiencies.”

According to Hugo Chen, lithium-ion battery packs have a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries require no watering or other maintenance, can be opportunity-charged at any state of charge and will fully recharge in as few as two hours but no more than seven hours for the largest packs. Although the batteries come at a much higher initial cost than lead-acid alternatives, their significantly longer life span is a major contributor to their lower TCO. Hugo Chen also confirmed that each battery comes with a five-year warranty – the average lifespan of a counterbalanced lift truck.

Hugo Chen said that the Toyota testing and approval process does not substantiate BSLBATT’s forklift truck batteries product marketing claims, but does confirm functionality and counterbalanced-forklift. Certain models of TMH, Hyster,  Yale and Raymond counterbalanced lift truck will sport stickers indicating the units are compatible with BSLBATT-M48 lithium-ion forklift truck batteries and will not compromise a warranty.


“BSLBATT lithium batteries, as compared with lead acid batteries, last longer between charging and deliver a higher sustained performance level,” said Hugo Chen. “Our solution addresses customers’ pressing need for longer runtime. We’ve found that the initial adopters are the purchasing managers of larger fleets who are very sensitive to total cost of ownership compared those who are focused only on acquisition price. It’s a very compelling option for them, and we think the balance of the market will move to taking that sort of longer term view.”

Some of the key benefits of lithium-ion batteries over traditional lead-acid batteries include: lower maintenance costs, longer run times, increased performance, faster and more efficient charging, and less downtime.

"We remain committed to providing the best alternative energy solutions in the materials handling industry." Hugo Chen said. “As the market evolves and customers demand new and innovative ways to power their forklifts, we will offer energy lithium battery solutions nobody else in the industry can because of BSLBATT’s commitment to quality and our unmatched dealer network.”

BSLBATT Lithium Batteries

About BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Truck Batteries

BSLBATT is the most advanced lithium material handling battery for all electric material handling (MHE) Classes 1-3, including small pallet jacks, end riders, center riders, narrow aisle forklifts, 3-4 wheel forklifts, large turret trucks and other material handling vehicles. We are committed to China NO 1 in exporting LiFePO4 forklift battery for the replacement lead-acid battery market

BSLBATT Lithium is the integration of Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, electronics, packaging and a software platform that was designed specifically for the rugged requirements of material handling. The advanced mechanical packaging meets the impact forces of a large forklift and the rugged automotive-grade Battery Management System (BMS) Cloud service system and lithium battery module makes BSLBATT Lithium the most reliable lithium battery for the material handling industry. BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Truck Batteries deliver improved performance, extended cycle life and lower total cost of ownership than legacy lead-acid solutions. BSLBATT sells primarily to lift equipment OEM’s, their dealers and battery distributors. 

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