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BSLBATT Launches Low-Temperature series Li-ion batteries for Coolers and Freezers

2020/10/14 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

BSLBATT Launches Low-Temperature series Li-ion batteries for Coolers and Freezers

We are excited to share the news about the launch of Low-Temperature series Li-ion Batteries. BSLBATT Lithium has designed these batteries to be used in harsh Cooler and Freezer environments, with temperatures as low as -30℃. Such conditions are usually deadly for other batteries but not for our Low-Temperature series!

Perennial temperature at -15℃~37℃

Cells are insulated. BSLBATT lithium battery pack will including a heater for making sure it could works in freezing regularly.

Perennial temperature at -30℃~20℃

Not only the heater to act in such low temperature, BSLBATT lithium battery pack is also including thermal insulation cotton to absorb the fog produced by alternating heat and cold, make sure the internal construction can works perfectly, cells are insulated.

Improve Productivity and Save Cost

● No time loss with waiting to change the battery as no need replacement battery, one forklift truck, one battery.

● Easy charge anytime during lunch break, tea break, shift break and work break etc. (With opportunity charge).

● Can be full charged in 1~4 hours from zero, save more time for waiting charging.

● No more cost to keep an extra battery room for charging and maintenance, no more labors.

Increase Uptime and Improve Safety

BSLBATT Li-ion batteries heating and condensing systems improve the efficiency of using, the safety control assist to increase uptime more easier. 

●One battery can last through 2 or even 3 shifts (with opportunity charging);

●No need one more battery for replacement or any extra battery room.

Battery Pack Heating Management

·BSLBATT battery pack with heating management during the discharge process, the temperature rises from - 20℃ to 0℃ only takes 25-30 minutes.

·General battery pack during the discharge process, the temperature rises from - 20℃ to 0℃ will take 85-90 minutes. 

BSLBATT Li-ion batteries heating and condensing systems are solutions for lifts working with products that must be stored in a cooler or freezer. The systems is mainly to maintain their rated capacity and discharge regularly even at extremely low operating temperatures. Compared with lead acid forklift batteries, it could not only keep the Li-ion batteries advantages, but also make sure to work safely. 

Many of our customers are already using these batteries and the new Low-Temperature series is our response to an increasing demand from Food and Beverage manufacturing, Cold storage, Distribution, and other industries. Call us to find a BSLBATT Low-Temperature Li-ion Battery to match your lift truck!

Low-Temperature series Li-ion Batteries

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