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Following many decades of engineering evolution around the only power-source technology (the lead-acid battery), electric lift trucks and forklifts have finally adopted a new power source: Industrial lithium-ion battery packs. The benefits of lithium solutions are well-known by now -- higher performance, less maintenance and higher ROI. Lithium batteries provide a better return on investment and enable the use of automated guided vehicles and mobile robots (AGVs and AMRs), which rely heavily on durable ”hands-off” lithium batteries.

Just how rapidly lithium batteries are taking hold in the lift truck market is something research firm Interact Analysis has studied closely, looking at data through multiple angles, including forklift classes, countries and regions. The firm’s latest analysis finds that by 2030, 45% of the total forklift market, including combustion engines, will be powered by lithium batteries. Among all electric lift trucks, that share will be about 70%, says Maya Xiao, the senior analyst with Interact heading up the research.

“There are two overall directions the research shows,” says Xiao. “One is that electric power is replacing internal combustion as a power source; and two is that within electric units, there’s an increasing trend from lead-acid batteries toward lithium batteries.”

The OEMs that make smaller electric units, such as walkie pallet jacks, will offer nearly all lithium-ion powered products by the end of the decade. OEMs producing units weighing less than 250 kilograms already are focused on lithium power, explains Xiao, and by 2030, those offerings are expected to be nearly 100% lithium-powered.

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“It’s very easy for one order of these smaller forklifts to number into the hundreds at a larger logistics services or e-commerce company,” Xiao says. “Companies will ‘rinse and repeat’ with large orders as they replace older equipment, other companies will see the success, and that will help drive the market.”

Xiao expects a shift toward lithium in Class 2 trucks, which covers narrow aisle equipment, moving toward automated narrow aisle systems with lithium power. When investing in these solutions, the battery price tag is not a huge factor because they’re focused on other aspects like uptime, throughput and productivity, Xiao points out.

The main areas of appeal for lithium lift truck batteries include low maintenance, high energy density, higher efficiency means more power and fast opportunity charging during breaks, which when done properly, allows electric forklift run without battery swaps. However, lithium has faced some recent bumps, including ongoing supply chain delays this year, and rising costs for materials, since lithium batteries are in high demand in other vehicle segments.

Interact Analysis lowered its lithium growth prediction for the lift truck market recently due to ongoing supply chain and cost concerns, says Xiao. Such concerns have generally led to longer lead times for lift truck buyers, Xiao added that such concerns often lead to longer delivery times for forklift buyers, which in some cases means that forklift manufacturers, as well as forklift dealer companies, look for high-quality forklift lithium battery manufacturers in the Chinese market, Instead of waiting for the original forklift manufacturer to provide.

On this blog I've compiled the 10 Best Lithium Forklift Battery Brands and Manufacturers (Comprehensive List and Reviews) Learn about the company history and what batteries each company offers. Here I strongly recommend BSLBATT, a Chinese forklift lithium battery manufacturer! Here is a brief description of the company:

BSLBATT Battery – Industrial is a forklift lithium battery manufacturer based in China. Designed for execution in multi-shift warehouse applications. Every BSLBATT battery has passed more than 60 industry quality and safety inspections. It features multiple layers of monitoring, safety and backup redundancy in modules and complete units. The battery is designed and assembled in China at an assembly facility that meets stringent ISO 9001:2015 certified standards. In addition, BSLBATT is the first forklift lithium battery in China to obtain UL2580 full product line certification. Maximum and safe energy transfer via flexible copper busbar wiring. BSLBATT's lithium batteries have a proven track record and have been integrated with over 40,000 electric forklifts.

How to choose the best lithium battery forklift for your needs?

1. Ask yourself what you need

What’s the weight capacity of your heaviest load? What operational environments do you use your forklift in most frequently (daytime, nighttime, hot or cold outdoors)? How much electricity does it take to run whatever electrical equipment you’ve attached to the forklift? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine which lithium battery forklift will be best for your needs.

2. Make a budget

Forklift batteries can cost anywhere from about $3,000 up to $10,000 depending on how big and powerful the battery pack is. The higher-capacity batteries will be able to lift heavier loads more quickly, but they’ll also be more expensive.check out our list

3. Make sure the supplier is reputable

It’s worth it to go with a lithium battery forklift supplier that has been tried and tested in their industry. This will help you ensure you’re getting the best quality product for your money so that you don’t have to deal with faulty equipment.

4. Rethink your needs as you grow or they change

The best lithium battery forklift for a small warehouse is going to be different from what you need in a larger one, so make sure that you’re able to upgrade as your business grows and has the capital available for this without incurring too much unnecessary expense.

5. Ask for referrals from other customers

If you know anyone else in your industry who uses lithium battery forklifts, don’t be afraid to ask them about their experiences with different suppliers or models. This is the best way to determine which supplier will give you the best quality product for your needs so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If you are ready to move to safe and efficient Li-ion solutions, it is highly recommended to consult experienced professionals at BSLBATT at any time. Contact them today for forklift battery pricing or a quote for a replacement forklift battery.

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