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Introduction of Lithium Batteries for Aisle-Master and Combilift Electric Forklifts

2021/10/13 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

What happens when you bring together two talented product sales champions and BSLBATT ambassadors?

More than 4 minutes of conversation about Aisle-Master and Combilift forklift battery tips, the advantages of their favorite products, etc. However, when it comes to BSL lithium's solution. We want to ensure end-users experience, simplify operation and save your purchasing cost. We adopt the way of using 1 battery compartment for power While another small box is only for counterbalance. Then in this way, the charging and removal would be not that difficult for this truck anymore. We integrated the whole 80V system into the big box When you need to charge it, just connect the REMA plug and start charging 1 step operation! You don’t want to miss our latest podcast, the speaker is the European champion sales March Huang· and champion sales, May Liu. Watch the full video to learn how to interpret our Aisle-Master, Combilift Forklift Lithium Battery and more.

Hello, it’s March again. If you have seen our channel before

You may notice that we have introduced a battery for the C4000ET Combilift forklift to you before. Just this guy.

Do you find it familiar?

Right now it’s already in our factory for regular production every month.

But today we’d like to introduce a new guy for the Combilift forklift。 Welcome our colleague May Liu to introduce you to the forklift battery for Aisle-Master

Today we also got a new buddy together with our other batteries.

This, behind my back

There’re 2 twins which not exactly the same

Let’s dig into it to see what’s the difference

Also, we’ve had a new buddy for the CBE3000 model, they look like twins but actually, they’re not the same

Parts introduce:

● This battery compartment is on its left and this connector will go directly to its right part.

● This battery is 24V and another as well.

● They’re the same voltage but connected together as a 48V lithium battery system...

● They’ll be connected through these Rema plugs to let the current communicate with each other.

● Meanwhile, we also need to communicate the battery status through cables for a display to the communication port.

So we can also know the battery status for these 2 compartments.

Did you miss us? Stay tuned as we have more great videos coming soon.

Learn more about our products for materials handling applications at the link.

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