Advantages of using lithium batteries in forklifts

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Lithium batteries have become popular in recent years. Unlike traditional lead acid batteries, these types of batteries have a much higher energy density and, therefore, can store more energy. They also allow much faster and more efficient loading. We discuss below the benefits of using lithium batteries in forklifts.

How lithium can optimize operations

The introduction of lithium represents a revolution for warehouse management, and not only in the energy part. By eliminating the loading rooms, the possibility of bringing the loading points closer to the work areas, allowing a redistribution of the warehouse to optimize flows and improve logistics productivity.

In addition, in cold environments you can benefit from the advantages of working without loss of power or efficiency. The heated batteries allow unrestricted operation, making work in these areas as flexible as possible.

Lithium batteries have multiple advantages, undoubtedly becoming the great alternative and energy innovation of the future.

Advantages of using lithium batteries in forklifts

Flexibility in operations

The continuous availability of the machine that the lithium batteries allow, provides the necessary flexibility for an operation with several shifts of less intensity. In other words, a company with many shifts but not continuously will find in the partial charges of the battery the flexibility that will allow it to have the machine throughout the day.

Other cases where this flexibility can be especially useful would be companies with uncertainty in work shifts or companies with more or fewer shifts depending on the time of year.


Why are li-ion batteries more energy efficient?

Lithium batteries are up to 30% more energy efficient than traditional batteries as they have lower energy consumption. Furthermore, lithium ion has a much higher energy density and can store more energy while taking up less space and weighing less.

Lithium battery life and maintenance

The efficient use of energy allows the battery life to accompany the life cycle of the machine. A single lithium battery lasts the entire lifespan of the truck, which is 3 times longer than lead acid batteries. Durability places lithium as a much more competitive energy source.

Avoid battery maintenance

Lithium batteries eliminate the periodic maintenance required by lead acid batteries. This means dispensing with tasks such as filling water and the danger that this entails for the worker who must perform it.

In addition, modular lithium allows the replacement of the specific module that requires intervention, and does not affect the entire battery. But all lithiums are not the same, in the event of a breakdown a modular lithium system allows the battery to be repaired on site, without the need to move the machine.

Charge the lithium battery

Lithium batteries are much more versatile and allow partial charges of the battery, this eliminates the loss of time associated with battery changes.

Fast battery charging

Lithium batteries allow full charges in 1 hour and also partial charges, this means that the trucks do not come to a stop and are always available. This feature is especially interesting for companies that right now have double sets of batteries to cover all their shifts, since the cost comparison is much more favorable opting for lithium batteries.

lithium batteries in forklifts

Eliminate the loading room

Introducing lithium batteries into forklifts eliminates loading rooms and opens up the possibility of bringing charging points closer to work areas. Thus, it is possible to redistribute the warehouse to optimize flows and maximize operational efficiency.

The elimination of the loading room makes it possible to save space in the warehouse that can now be used for another purpose. The decentralization of the equipment loading area is especially useful for companies that have large rooms or several floors at different heights.

Cleanroom charging

The clean rooms or clean rooms are rooms specially designed to obtain low levels of contamination. These rooms are found in food warehouses, laboratories and other industries that must have strictly controlled environmental parameters: particles in air, temperature, humidity, air flow, internal air pressure or lighting.

In these cases, the lead acid battery charging room had to be even further separated from the storage area to eliminate the gases emitted during charging. With lithium batteries, this problem disappears since their charge is so clean that it can be carried out in these clean rooms, even in laboratories.

More safety when charging

The elimination of gas emission during charging occurs because lithium is watertight. This is not only an advantage at a logistical level but also provides more safety to workers since accidents during loading due to possible human errors are reduced.

In addition, some modular lithium batteries have specific safety systems, such as BSLBATT's BMS (Battery Management System) control unit, which monitors the parameters of each module independently and communicates with both the machine and the with the charging unit to ensure safety at all times.

48V lithium forklift batteries

Here you can read more about risks and prevention in lithium batteries.

Less emissions, cleaner energy

Today, sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint is a priority for many companies that are already taking steps to be more respectful of the environment and offer a green company image. And they are doing it at all levels, also taking into account the energy of the machinery that participates in the operation.

In this sense, lithium batteries have a lower environmental impact since they cause fewer emissions as they are a sealed technology.

In addition, the European Battery Regulation (2006/66 / EC) and national regulations specify that it is necessary to carry out a recovery of lithium batteries at the end of their useful life. The supplier of the lithium battery machine must take care of the recovery of the battery and its correct recycling in order to guarantee the minimum impact on the environment.

We have been able to verify that lithium batteries have multiple advantages, undoubtedly becoming the great energy alternative and innovation of the future. Do you have any doubts about it? Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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