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BSLBATT Reaches Over 1,000+ Battery Packs Shipped To Customers In The First Quarter Of 2022

2022/05/20 | Lithium Forklift Battery | 0

BSLBATT Battery - Industrial, founded in 2012, produces lithium-ion batteries for the industrial market. The wildly popular batteries are notably safer and cheaper to use. And the innovative product is making big waves in an industry slow to embrace new designs.

The man at the helm of the rapidly growing company, founder Eric Yi, “Today announced that more than 1,000 battery packs have been shipped to customers through the first quarter of 2022. We believe these 1,000+ battery packs are a testament to the contributions of our employees and the customer demand for innovative and safe lithium-ion solutions.”

For now, Eric Yi wants people to focus on what got the company into the limelight: the superior battery and the great team behind it.

According to Eric Yi, of the batteries in use today, “90% of them are lead-acid, but it’s very old technology. It’s very inefficient, and these systems are going to be phased out.” BSLBATT Battery chose lithium-ion, rather than lead-acid, for their batteries. As a result, “they’re way more efficient and they charge very quickly. So, they use about 25% less electricity just because they don’t get hot when they charge,” he said.

1,000+ Battery Packs

The quick-charging batteries are also safer to use in the field. Eric Yi describes the typical forklift operator swapping out batteries from a battery rack when a recharge is needed. BSLBATT batteries charge so quickly, that an operator can charge the battery while on a scheduled break, avoiding the problems that arise in battery swapping, like lifting injuries and warehouse accidents caused by batteries falling out of forklifts.

Not only are BSLBATT batteries safer and more efficient, but the patent-pending design of the battery also allows it to be easily serviced in the field. 

Eric Yi emphasized that BSLBATT’s rapid growth is not just attributed to the battery, its staff is also a key component of the company’s success.  “Almost everybody in our company is under 30. We are younger than our peer group by probably 20 years everywhere else. What has gotten us to the position where we’re getting taken very seriously is we’re really good at listening and we’re really good at acknowledging we’ve done something incorrectly. We are the first group to say, ‘okay, we’re ready to listen to you and tell us what we can improve.’ And that was the first couple of years of the company. And today we’re making a killer product. But it was because we listened.”


BSLBATT Battery is currently developing a battery management system for their customers to track battery use, charging opportunities, and other performance indicators. Future plans include exploration into stationary energy storage and solar energy.

All eyes will be on BSLBATT Battery this year as the company hits the milestone of shipping 1,000 battery packs in the first quarter. To follow the continued rise of this Huizhou, China-based company, get in touch with them here.

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